What it takes to be Total Together

Safety, a sense of belonging and positive affirmation is everyone's dream aspiration. A family that lift its own proves to be successful in everything that it sets its mind to do. Although LGBTQ+ members grew up in a nucleus set up of a family, most were exposed to harsh living conditions. Rejection, abuse, being tossed to and from and with a lack of belief in their dream, most of them gradually became vile, revengeful, uncouth and not an ounce of mercy. And most us we want to make everyone pay for our childhood pain and unmet needs.

The vehicle of stereotyping, labelling and homophobia is mainly driven by the fellow members of the community. This is further exacerbated by superior complex that has been inherited from the households all these individuals grew up in, the societies they were raised in, the institutions they were schooled in. Everyone wants to outshine another in one way or the other albeit makes lifting each other up becomes a tall order or nearly impossible.

There is always some form of competition. The identity that most of us grew up without , the affirmation, the cheering up, that nudge in the right direction that summation of crude emotion coupled with an uneven social, economical, political and emotional space to express have made us turn on each other and its not even pleasant.

From the on-set the Total Together journey commenced not only because of ill treatment form healthcare facilities, but from the grim discovery of how divided the LGBTQ+ is.

I firmly believe in working Together in accord rather than in opposition and achieve much more as a community. Regardless of social standing we are still humans who are diverse and can set aside our differences

As we all know by now, The LGBTQ+ community is heavily stigmatized by heterosexuals, but will this narrative change is they see us persecuting each other?

Will we be recognized for our talents or our skills? or we will be known for bringing the house down.

In my speech at kanthari in India, I pointed out the disparities and the needs for us to stand in solidarity for a successful integration into the mainstream. And NO I am not saying we have to portray as heterosexual or what we say "straight-acting), that's not it, I want us to keep in mind that we are sufficient how we are but ATTITUDES have to change.

The narrative of social change must be earthed in the ability to work and support one another. Building the dream that is strong, deep in the sense of family that channel positive energy,. The community has ferociously gifted individuals in the world of education, politics, arts, charity and the list is endless.

Now imagine, a movement that makes a conscious decision to drum support for his fellow LGBTQ+ brother, sister and build dreams that even the rest of the world starts taking notice. Abuse is inevitable when one is wrapped up in negativity, lack of knowledge of who they are.

This how 'leaving no one behind' means for me.

So to sum it all up "What it takes to be Total Together is standing in solidarity, we are not in competition.