Safe and Visible


Safe and visible is our theme for the ongoing programs at Total Together.


On 20 August 2022 we hosted yet another get together where we discussed-

* lived experiences

*Access to healthcare for elders in low and high-end communities

* Mental health and how to seek help

With the help of a professional councilor, a clinician and our technical team, our event was a success. Our programs are basically running each month as we snowball towards uptake of health-care services offered by our partner and to determine the need and importance of the long term care facility and safe place that we are planning to establish in Zimbabwe for LGBTQ+ elders.

Our thank you goes out to our participants for believing in us and attending this safe place session and to our sponsors, volunteers and stuff. Without collaborative efforts we would not have made this possible. See you in September


Introductory workshop

Total Together first workshop.jpg


Since the establishment of Total Together in India, we where yet to bring our idea home. On March 19 2022 we hosted an introductory workshop in Bulawayo under the theme "What is Total Together.

We had the elderly and younger gay individuals who attended.  Throughout the session we had an open platform for everyone to share their views on service provision and what they expect from organizations like ours, they expressed their concerns and this aided us into the next step. At Total Together we have personalized service packages for our beneficiaries and this is also done through our one-on-one meetings with them.

Total_Together_logo_s copy2.png

Anonymous 45

We have had programs and sessions for years but we were yet to have such an open discussion where we are involved in planning our own path.

At first we where not so sure about the plan and how this was any different from the past and the current.To now have an organization that is entirely dedicated to LGBTQ+ elders is assuring.

Best of Luck to Total Together


Ronnie Favor.jpg

Ronny Madongwe 32

I would love to appreciate Total Together for the work that you are doing. Looking at myself as gay man I am excluded in many things since almost all organisations are looking at youth and forgetting about us. I believe with your vision you will limit suicides, stress and depression in the lives of elder gay people here in my city. Am looking forward to see more of you here in Bulawayo.

Total_Together_logo_s copy2_edited.png

Gramps 67

I am a man who can be refered to as the winner, in my sence I lived through decades of LGBTQ+ discrimination and even murders but i had not known i would age and not find a true affirming space for people above 40, thank you Total Together for reimagining the community and giving us a chance to express our concerns.

We hope this keeps going